Heil UPS Distribution Addition

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Project Manager: Jim Seefeldt
Project Foreman: Mike Tromp
General Contractor: Grunau Project Development
Completion Date: November 2009

Project Description:
In order to insure their critical Data Center is never without power, a "power hardening" distribution system was installed. The installation consists of: two separate utility services, in conjunction with two UPS (universal power supplies), a bank of high voltage switches, and a massive maze of pipe and wire, and new electrical distribution gear. This was all engineered to provide constant power for the facility. This project was successfully completed under a very aggressive time frame while maintaining the operation of this critical facility.
  • Two 3,000 Amp 480 Volt Services
  • Five-bay 15,000 Volt switch/interrupter bay
  • Two 2,000 kVA pad-mounted transformers

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