Infrared Thermal Imaging

Preventative Maintenance and Testing... 
Infrared thermography has become a vital ingredient of today's industrial and commercial maintenance prevention programs. From electrical systems to building envelope inefficiencies, this technology has consistently provided early identification of potential problems. Unknown problems if left incorrect can lead to catastrophic failures that result in equipment damage, costly downtime due to loss of production and even personal injury.

Infrared energy is invisible to the human eye. Thermal imaging equipment and trained operators are necessary to detect and measure the infrared emissions. Most electrical and mechanical components get hot before they fail. The measure of overall temperature and, more important at times, the measurement of the temperature differences between components can be an invaluable warning of developing problems.

The Infrared Thermography divison of Venture Electric has ITC (Infrared Training Center) certified, Level 1 technicians and state-of-the-art imaging equipment that can identify problems before they cause devastation to your equipment, your personnel, and your bottom line.

Our Diagnostic Services include:
  • Bus Duct & Disconnect Switches
  • Building Envelope Deficiencies
  • Circuit Breakers & Bus Bars
  • Electrical Switch Gear
  • Industrial/Commercial Freezers
  • Motor & Generator Connections
  • Process Piping & Heat Exchangers
  • Transfer Switches
  • Transformer Connections
  • Windings & Bearings

Please contact Dean Storm for more information!

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