Renewable Energy

Be Green. Focus On Energy.

Venture Electric has been leading the way for providing organizations and local communities with renewable energy installments. We have produced excellent craftsmanship in solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicle chargers all over Southeastern Wisconsin. We are committed to the adhering to environmental and federal guidelines for making businesses and the world more green. On our staff, Venture has internationally recognized LEED AP certified employees.

Solar Panel Benefits:
  • Enhance safety and productivity
  • Reduce operation and labor costs
  • Reliable performance in any environment

Solar Panel 4-Point Process:
1. Site Assessment
Space Available
Shading/Obstructions (between 9am-3pm)
Access to Southern sky (location)
2. System Assessment
Type of installation (ground, roof, pole)
Size of system (Watts)
Needs (desired size/monitoring/grid-tie/batteries)
Reason for system
Future expansion
3. Product Evaluation
Efficiency (panel output/inverters)
Quality vs Quantity
4. Report and Consultation
True budget cost for project
Site plan (systems design and layout)
Available Incentives
Return On Investment

Please contact one of our project managers for more information!

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