Counting on Venture in the event of an emergency...
When an electrical emergency happens, such as a power outage or industrial line shut-down, you need your power and systems back up fast. We know how critical power is to your business and will respond immediately with fully equipped service vans and staff.
  • 24 Hour Service Department - day or night, weekend or holiday
  • Emergency response within 2 hours - guaranteed
  • Experienced staff in all areas of industry troubleshooting and maintenance

Maintaining the relationship after the project is done....
Venture Electric is committed to your long-term success, that is why we offer beneficial services even after your project is installed.

Our maintenance contracts cover:
  • High-voltage substations
  • In-plant maintenance of power distribution systems
  • In-house training for your maintenance team
  • On-site Venture crew - service & maintenance contracts, whether it is one day a week or 24 hours a day

Please contact Steve Griffith for more information!

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